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    Tent 092

    but of course... this would not last forever. One morning, reading the local news, one caught my attention. It was found some persons with a strange mutation in the town, She developed a new pair of breasts in only one night, and both of four have increased in size. Other develop a third leg, and other increase the size of her penis to descomunal size. THe authorities was researching the causes, and the medical community was looking for the causes, but it is an unexplainable cause. The only think they found in common, was some kind of milk both have been drinking.

    That was one of the worst news they have read. The milk...

    It was contagious! She should imagine this. now they are in a big problem. If the researching continues, they will found the origin of the milk. And finally, they will be found as guilty of all this pandemia.

    The solution was clear in just two minutes. They must to scape. Sadly, they are not safe here any more.

    All day was Tent and Rose talking about the plan they must follow, and finally decided they must to leave the house as soon as possible, and as far as possible. For now, they must to move in a big vehicle, the actual van is too small for both, so they will hire a motor home with a false identity. They will take all the needed stuff, and tomorrow they will leave.

    In the end, she knew the calm was not going to last forever...