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    Tent 094

    So they start the trip. Rose was the driver, as she has three pair of arms, is more dexterous than Tent to take the steering wheel, and play the pedals. They also have a gasoil reserve, so they don't need to stop in a gas station. Food, clothes... theoretically they don't need to stop in any place where someone could see her mutated bodies.

    The radio still gives news about the transformations. Every time there was more and more affected, and the authorities are more and more worried. Even the transformed people are suffering the hate form the others, because they say are guilty to propagate the infection. There has been even murder cases, so this is becoming more dangerous.

    What is going to happen? what if anyone found a solution? what if they have started a pandemic that affect all the world??This is the end of the human race as itself?

    "Rose, look at this, is a person in the road?" Tent said

    "Yes, it seems, and he wants to stop us..."