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    Tent 096

    "Thanks for stop, I was in danger, there are some people that... What the hell? You are "Mutants" too ??" The strange girl said

    "Yes, and it seems we are not the only one right?" Rose said

    "Ok, this is... this is a nightmare, but please, I was running away from a crowd of people that wanted to catch me to surrender to authorities, and they are very close, could we go away, please??"

    "Sure we can, Rose, come one!" Tent said

    And the motor home continued the trip...


    "So, you happen the same...? I mean, you have mutated the same than me, in other way of course, but..." The girl said, shy.

    Was Tent who answer:

    "Yes, we have been mutated as you. We just drink this milk the news is saying during some time, and we develop this changes" As Tent say this, makes a face at Rose, to continue the story.

    " yes, of course. we start to mutate two weeks ago, as we don't know what was happening to us we decided to hide, but now that all people is capturing mutated people, we decided to go other parts to hide"

    They thought that if anyone know they start this Pandemia, even mutated people would be against them, so this was the best option