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    Tent 097

    After some kilometers, once they feel safe, they look for a lonely camping place to have a rest, and know better the new guest.

    "Well, here we are, I'm Tent, and she is Rose, what's your name?" Rose asked

    "I'm Sara, and thanks for save me..:" Said Sara

    "But, why are you in danger? what's happening around here?"

    "At first they took mutants to hospitals, they wanted to help them, but when it turned out Mutants could make other mutants, they started to be feared. They were treated more like prisoners than victims, everyone afraid of catching the mutations"

    It seems that the pandemia was unstoppable, that's why people are afraid and try to take all mutants to kill them. So the situation was more serious than they could imagine. They must be very carefull, to show people. So for now, the farest they travel, the better.

    "So, what happened to you then?" Asked Rose, with some curiosity

    "I had started mutating just a bit, with my rear getting larger, but I was able to hide it.  Then one of the mutants in the hospital I wok are came on me with a penis-arm, and I started mutating faster.  At first they wanted to study me, when I grew the second pair of legs, but when I started growing a giant penis I was shunned, and eventually they started to harrass me. My boyfriend rejected me, and all the neighborhood try to catch me to send me to authorities. But I could scape, and here I'm. It's been very dificult. But it seems your story could be also interesting, your mutations are even more aggressive than mine..."

    Rose and Tent explain her own story to her new friend. She seems a very nice person, and she was a nurse in a hospital which could be very usefull.


    After a pair of hours of chatting, Sara said:

    "Do you girls hurt? You look like you have the same thing I do..."

    "Hurt? Hurt where?" Rose asked

    "Here," She says, pointing to her udder. "The whole time it's been growing it's just hurt more and more, I can barely stand it."

    "When was the last time you milked?" Tent asked


    "You know, pulled the milk out.  Don't tell me you've never milked."

    "I- I don't know! I was afraid to touch it too much." Sara said astonished

    "Well, it is an udder, after all. If you don't express your milk it will just keep building up."