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    Tent 098

    "So, um, what do I do?  Do I just...  Ow!" Said Sara

    "Not so hard!  Take it easy." Said Rose

    "I'm sorry, it's just so full..."

    "I'll say.  Tent, can you get a large pan?" Asked Sara

    "Okay, be right back." Answered Tent

    "All right, Sara, can you put your front legs up on this table?"

    "I-I think so- ah! I bumped it!"

    "Gosh, you weren't kidding"  She says as one of Tent's big tentacles reaches out of the motorhome, a large pan wrapped in the end. "Thanks!"

    "A pan?  Why not just leave it on the ground?" Wondered Sara

    "We don't want to leave any evidence we were here..."

    "Oh, I suppose that make- ahhhnh!"

    "I'm sorry!  Did that hurt?  I just did one squeeze." Asked Rose

    "N-no, I'm sorry, y-you just, um, startled me is all." Sara seemed enjoring the experience

    "Are you sure? You seem to be squirming a lot..."

    "I don't think it hurts... quite the opposite, really." Tent said


    rose and Tent start to laugh... and they spend almost one hour milking Sara, the size of ther udder reduced, and she feels as empty, a wonderfull feeling  after all...