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    Tent 099

    While Rose and Tara finished milking each other, Tent took off her clothes and went off a little ways into the woods. She felt rather full herself after her long journey, and needed to release her milk. Her skin was tough enough to move through the forest, but it still wasn't pleasant to constantly being poked by twigs and leaves. Looking up, Tent wrapped her penis-tentacles around some trees and heaved herself up until her huge, full udder was hanging above the ground.

    "What a year it's been," She thought as she used her hands to milk her breasts. "My last birthday I couldn't even stand up straight, and now I'm hanging from the trees like a spider!"

    A few of her penis-tentacles unwrapped from the trees and slid down to her udder, wrapping around the fat teats and milking them onto the forest floor.

    "Mmm..." Tent hummed to herself as the milk began to leak out of her in large squirts. "But, I suppose it's not so bad. I have a dear friend, I'm strong, And... maybe even beautiful, to some..." She said, hugging one of her massive breasts.

    Milk poured out of her in streams, causing a massive puddle to form underneath her, the ground completely soaked with milk. When she finally felt blissfully empty, she used her tentacles to climb from one tree to another until she could let herself down without landing in wet, milky mud. "Time to get back to Sara and Rose", she thought, "We need to get some food... Hope they're getting along well..."