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    Tent 100

    Sara walked back to the campsite, dry needles and leaves crunching under her four sandals, punctuated every so often by a soft slap as her testicles or udder clapped against her legs in just the right way.  She was sweaty, but not from gathering wood- with her weight distributed on her four legs it was easy to carry even heavy loads- but rather from being milked.  It had felt so, so good to finally empty out her udder.

    Sara had to keep herself from laughing at the absurdity of it all.  *Her* udder.  on her *four* legs, with her enormous *penis* draped over her hindquarters to keep it from dragging on the ground. But maybe it wasn't so bad, she thought as she approached the campfire. Rose was tending the fire, and smiled and waved at Sara as she approached. IT was like she didn't even see the four legs, the udder, the giant testicles. Rose just saw Sara, and was friendly.  That's all, just a friendly face. 

    It made Sara feel normal.  And if she didn't need to look normal to feel normal, maybe things weren't so bad?