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    "- Hey! look what happened!" Said Rose...

    She was worried, of course, her legs have becoming in just two lumps of meat, so she hardly can even walk, and also other pair of breasts have grown suddenly.

    "OH my God, sorry about what is happening to you, but are you ok? it hurt something?" I said, with a guilty feeling

    "no, I mean, it's all Ok, i don't feel anything wrong, it's like this has always been here, it's a weird feeling" She said

    She was some kind of shocked about this, which is normal, and she started to explore her own body. She still can move her "legs", so she can walk, but in a very limitated way. I should help her I thought. But what she gives more attention was her upper left breast: their four nipples have grown much more, so it seems more an udder than a human breast. Both thought this was the final goal of this part of the trasnformation. But for the rest of the body... lots of things can happen yet....