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    Tent 085

    I was hearing strange noises at the other side of my room... and quietly I moved to see what was that sound. I see her playing with herself, and I realised in that moment of the new transformation. She didn't realised of my presence, so I keep quiet watching how she was touching her breasts.. playing with her new and huge clit... and time by time I was getting more and more horny. Then... as if my tentacles had her own conscience, four of them started to get closer to Rose... She suddenly realised of my presence, as she saw how four huge cocks was approaching. She didn't scared, and she keep playing, as if she cannot stop doing that. My cocks start to touch her breasts... she was more and more excited... and then I suggested:

    "In my room we have much more space..."

    She smiled with a teat in her mouth, and I take her with my tentacles and bring to my room, to continue the job....