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    "good morning... I feel so... weird?... what? what the f..? What happen to me??" Said Rose...

    As Rose got up, both realise of the new changes Rose has suffered. Her normal and beautiful B-cup breasts... has grow at twice of her original size. But not only this, her left breast was even bigger, she has now asymmetrical breasts, and the nipple in this huge breasts has been relocated for some strange reason...

    "Why it happened to me?" Rose was a bit angry with the situation, but I started to think...

    "Maybe... what happened to me, could happened to you?" I was thinking out loud...

    "Yeah, that could have sense... maybe you are, some kind of contagious? Oh, God, that could be, there is no other explanation" Rose Said

    "Oh, my God, I sorry so much! If I ever knew that could happen I would never let you be infected by me! it was all my fault!" I was obviously depressed, and worried because of the side effects Rose could suffer

    "Please, don´t feel guilty, it was my decision too. I assume my fault, in fact, it would be logicall, I see a body like yours, and was my fault not think that what transform you, could transform me... Now I realise of this logic" Said Rose

    "But, we don't know if this is going to change more.. maybe you will suffer a transformation as me... I would feel very bad for these" I was really worried

    "Please don't worry. For now, this can be hidden, so i could keep my life with some normality... at least the life I have now... with my loneliness,my hermit house, with my absence of human contact... you know all of these... So who cares what could happen to me?"

    Rose seems she doesn't care that she was transformed. As she told me before, she had some personal problems, with a boyfriend and work problems, so her best option was to be included in a lonely house in the middle of forest, without human contact. She didn't tell me the real reasons, but it seems that this was the best solution. Maybe that would be the reason she was so excited to meet someone in the same social situation as herself, she thought she could share her life with someone with the same problems. And also, she feel very excited with the fact of my own transformation.

    As we keep talking about what happened to her chest, and what we do last night, i realise she wouldn't care to be transformed. She never say it directly, but for me, was clear that this would give Rose life a good inflexion point.