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    we spend the rest of the day milking me. I explained her that this was the second time this happens... so it's more than clear that sex have this secondary effect. It seems she doesn't mind help me to milk my huge udders, in fact, i thought she was enjoying. Little by little my udders and breasts reduce his size, as we fill lot of cubes with liters and liters of milk. Rose, as her curiosity never stop, tested the milk. I was some kind of surprised...

    "What are you doing? Are you crazy?" I said

    "Why? It's milk, right? and it taste sweet! in fact, it's delicious!" Rose said

    Despite my reluctance, i tested a bit of milk, directly from my nipple, and she was right. It taste sweet, and warm, it was delicious!

    "I think we could sell this..." Said Rose

    I thought she was joking, so I didn't pay much attention.

    "I'm speaking seriously, I know a livestock exploitation, that always have had economical problems, and I'm sure they would accept to sell this product without uncomfortable questions. And we could earn a bit more of money...."

    "Really? I would not want to discover me... Maybe with time, they would ask for the origin of this..." I wasn't sure about this idea.

    "Well, they don't need to know, and as I said, i know them, and they have other problems, not only economic, also legal. I was working as a contable for them some years ago, and they were involved in mafia business. They are no dangerous people, but I'm sure they will help to sell this great liquid."

    Rose was very close to convince me, but I wasn't sure at all.

    "Ok, let's do this. Take all the milk of today, and try to sell it, but only today. As a test, if it works properly, maybe we could sell more lots... "

    "This means that if all went allright, you should be milked every day.." Rose said with a smile accomplice.

    Well, meanwhile my secret were not revealed, I could do it... And now that Rose has start to transform herself, I can trust in her more than before. And an extra incoming would be great too... my online business was everytime worse, and soon I would have economic problems....