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    That morning, in the breakfast, we were talking just about all this worries. She finally confessed that she was worried about what is going to happen. And we talked about the possibility she change as drastic as me. I tried to cheer her:

    "We still don't know what is going to happen. Maybe it's just a breast augmentation, and it will no happen anything else. But if in the worst case, you change as me, of course you can count with me."

    "well, i have no family, and as you know i live alone here, and my work is enough to give me the money I need, but i don't like it. I've been thinking also in this possibility, and the option to disappear as you have done, it's a good possibility in the case i became as drastic modification as you"

    "For me, it would be great if you come here to live with me. I would be very pleased to have a roommate, someone to talk with, a friend that would help me and not feel so lonely. If something bad happens, you can live here. It's the least I can do"

    I still feel guilty for her breasts modification, but in other hand, secretly i wanted she mutated as i did, so I would have company in this lonely situation.