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    A few days passed, and Rose transformation become more clear. Her breasts become bigger, the nipples of the top left breasts become longer, her legs shorter, and she learn to control her two new arms. She was getting used to her new condition, and it seems she accept her new body and the changes. It seems she could be happy here with me, alone in this forest, without contact with anybody. I also was happy to have someone to talk with, and to share my time. We even walk along the forest, talking about all. Our lives, our bodies, our thoughts, etc..

    Summer was finishing, and cold start to be more present. Rose was wondering if I had clothes for me for the winter, and it was clear I was not prepared to protect me from the cold. She knew about manufacture clothes, so she offered to design me new clothes for me and my new body, also for her, of course. IT was something I didn't think about, but she was right, I need to do something...