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    I did not like having to force her so she could hear me, but it's the only possibility I could think of to explain. And I told him so. I tried to explain first of all, I did not want to hurt anyone, and that my condition was a strange mutation did not know why, and I've tried to hide all this time. I've been working hard, giving up my life, only to be hidden, and not end up being investigated or of the press.

    At the time, Rose seemed very shocked, but it gave me the feeling that I was listening and understood. She attended my words without saying practically nothing. I explained what I needed it, basically to keep my secret, in return I offered the possibility of being maintained by me, for my income and my savings could keep a person more easily. Also I could use the company. Anyway I realized that the situation was too bizarre to assimilate at once, so I told her I was going to drop, and I trusted him not to say anything to anyone. If she accepted my choice, my doors were open. If she never wanted, asked not to reveal my secret. My future was in his hands ...