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    Tent 058

    "Well, come in and make yourself comfortable, you will have many questions, right?" I asked

    "Yes, I really do not understand what has happened to you, do not even know it was possible that something .. well, could happen to anyone. How happened?" She replied.

    I told my story, since it began almost everything back in my residence. As my stumps grew until it became tentacles, as I grew, my breasts, my udders, the moving to here ... how to assume this, and especially my fears. Precisely transmitting my fears of being discovered I justified what I did the day before. And she understood perfectly, and promised me to help.

    "But I can not understand, what exactly you are? I only got to see a lot of tentacles, breasts and udders everywhere. what are you?" She asked after a long conversation about my situation ...

    So the best thing I could do is take off the blanket covering me, and although quite embarrassed, I showed my naked body.

    "Well, basically, I'm like an octopus, with the torso of a woman. From my waist grow these eight tentacles, butt they are so big that they are stacked on top of each other. My torso is normal within what it can be, if it were not for these giant breasts, as I think I have the record size for natural breasts ... "I tried to explain ...

    "But, giant udders ... have four in total? where they come from?" Rose asked, more and more curious.

    "Well, seem four, but are linked together, it's like a big bag of flesh that grows from my tentacles center, at the bottom." I answered

    "Wow, the size is awesome ... and as for your tentacles ... the end, looks a lot like ..." Rose asked timidly

    "Yes, they seem and are, penises" I said

    "Wow ... they are huge, and how ...?" Rose ever had more curiosity

    "Come closer, examine them yourself ..." I finally said