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    Tent 059

    "Wow, they are heavy ... I had never seen such a big penis" Rose said as she examined one of my tentacles.

    "And they work ... you know, like a penis?" she asked again

    "Of course I do. They are fully functional. In fact I must be very careful with what I do with them. More than once I've hurt manipulating what I should not," replied

    "I understand. Maybe you should make some kind of gloves for them, so you could go a little more protected," Rose said

    "It is not a bad idea, really"

    "I could help you, I'm good at sewing ... It is very difficult to manipulate the eight at the same time? Do not you doing a mess?"

    "At first when I started to grow and were no more than two feet long, yes, indeed, they were always hanging with almost had no control over them. But gradually gained control over them. And after so time and I've grown accustomed. "