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    Tent 061

    "I do not understand it because you have grown both breasts ... I think you have broken all records sized natural breasts, even with  the bigger macromastia case, you win." Rose said.

    "Yes, I think so. From one day to another, I went from a C cup to something that could not be measured, although I think it would be around a LLL. And throughout the day, they have not stopped growing. "I answered.

    "And those teats are as big as my fist ... everything I see is amazing ..." Rose said

    "You want to see them more closely? Wait ..." I said, trying to encourage more and more ...

    Then with my tentacles I grabbed her and tried to climb to my height, so stay astride on one of my tentacles, but others held around the waist and shoulders to not fall. In that position, I went closer to me her so she could get to one of my big breasts.

    I was curious how easy it was to manipulate another person, my tentacles were really strong ...

    "Wow, it is also very soft and heavy, yet is firm. How many can weigh? About 15-20 kg? And this nipple, should measure about 40cm in diameter ... Amazing." Rose was certainly amazed.

    "Yeah, maybe, while I do not have meassured, have had a growth phase, so not worth much take control ..."

    The situation became gradually more intimate, although it seemed that both felt very comfortable. It was as if we already knew of a lifetime. It seemed to me that I had met a great friend, with whom I could always rely on.