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    As the situation became intimate, Rose, on its own initiative, she took off her t-shirt and bra. As she said, she wanted to be in the same condition, and not make me feel uncomfortable being the only one who was naked.

    I can not say why, but it excited me tremendously. Not because she has a model body, or have big perfect breasts, I had never had homosexual experiences, or I had felt attracted to a woman. Also, if I wanted a sexually erotic body, mine was enough. But I could not explain why, seeing her naked, playing with my tentacle-penis in her skin soft and warm, I was turning on.... My nipples hardened, my penis grew in size ... I was turning much ...

    Meanwhile, she was also very receptive, seemed to enjoy examining me, and just as any other person would be terrified of being surrounded by penises-tentacles, she seemed to enjoy and get excited ... I could not think if this was bad, whether we should do ... just let it happen.