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    And finally the inevitable happened. I was aware that it might not be a good idea, but inside me had an instinct that knew it was not going to stop because it would be an impossible fight to win. So I got carried away. It did not need words, knew that Rose felt the same as me. She also got carried away, started taking one of my penis, and sucked with great skill. I used all my tentacles on her, taking her waist and shoulders, opening her legs, placing it in the correct position, as she took the opportunity to fondle and lick few penises became next to her. Curiously, all the action took place at a distance from me, so only with my penis I could do it all, so I amused myself with my hands in my giant breasts. Finally, I penetrate Rose with one of my penis, and was the most pleasant feeling I had felt in my life. And I must say that Rose must have felt the same as me. Once I had an orgasm, I made the move to stop, but Rose shook her head, grabbed one of my penis and I approached to her vagina. It was clear that this was not done, yet had seven penises more ...

    This went on all night, in fact, once the eighth penis ejaculated, the first was ready for battle again, so finally I lost count of all the orgasms we had. It was a glorious night!