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    When I woke up, I seemed to have been drinking all night, because I had the feeling of hangover. But when I opened my eyes... it happen the same. My breasts and udders were again as big as a small car. Now it's clear, with this fucking body, every time i have sex, happen the same. Now I must to spend all day milking myself, until i become smaller to go out through the door... But.. where is Rose? Oh, she fell asleep over my udders, I'm sure she is comfortable there.

    It was a really great night. I never had so much pleasure, all eight penises feel really great, and I can use them as many times as I want. But sadly, so much pleasure have secondary effects...And Rose, I'm sure she has enjoy as much as me, she was so enchanted with my body... God, I think she really love my body much than I do... I think what happened with Rose is the best it could happen. I think I can believe she will be at my side. I can trust in she... Now it's time to wake up!

    " you feel this morning...?"