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    Tent 045

    The next day, I got up much relieved. My size had decreased considerably. Although I had the impression that both my udders as my breasts were bigger than before, yet they were so much smaller than the previous day. Which was enough, considering the circumstances.

    Certainly, this new body was a lot of secrets, which unfortunately would have to discover for myself.

    Now I could finally get out of the bedroom, but for next time was pending widen the doors of all the rooms. I grabbed my tools and went to continue my work to expand the house. The truth is that I needed a job, something to do, like a real job, with my schedule, my obligations, my goals ... But I was lost. And the truth is that motivated me. I had never worked as a mason without legs is somewhat complicated, but building and creating work I liked, and also with many tentacles, everything seemed easier.