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    Tent 034

    My gigantic udder was finally the detonating. There was no possible solution, I had to go. I had made great progress organizing my new life. I made up a story of volunteering in a corner of the planet to my friends and relatives, I found a small job of web developer in order to have some income from home, I bought with my savings a lonely house, and of course, I had to rent a van where I could fit. Logically I went out by night, hoping not to cross out anyone. I was lucky that was all lonely, so I got into the car as I could, and started driving. It was a challenge, because not fit in the front seat because of my breasts. They already occupied all the space of the seat. At least arrived at the wheel. I used three tentacles to the pedals, and after a while of driving, I had mastered. It was easier than I had imagined.