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    Tent 040

    Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was that I felt safe, or maybe it was just that for the first time since the transformation began, I felt comfortable with my body. Anyway, I found myself caressing one of my tentacles. Would it be possible I have never done this before? It felt very nice. I picked up and moved the foreskin up and down, and the feeling was even better. And I thought, one moment, if this is just one I can remember I have seven more ... And indeed, this was a beggining. The next level was lick, God, that feeling, I was getting hotter. I felt a tingling in my nipples also seems to me that required my attention, but sometimes I forgot my ability to handle several things at once, so in the end, had occupied all my tentacles. The sensations are multiplied! I come to a point where it seems to me I stopped being conscious myself, and just acted instinctively, trying to find more and more pleasure ....