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    Tent 005

    I couldn’t believe my own eyes. They had grown to a much larger size, almost completely overnight. Last night they barely extended a couple centimeters from my pelvis, but now they were almost twenty centimeters long! They had grown a rounded point on the end, and seemed to be mostly conical in form.

    I fondled them for a long time, trying to figure out exactly what they were. It seemed that they didn’t have any skeletal structure, and mostly had muscles rather than fat (excluding the dermis). If it weren’t for the lack of bones, I would say they were similar to a snake’s tail, but if it weren’t for its muscular composure (as opposed to collagen), another would say they were similar to an octopus’s tentacles.

    For the first time, about twenty minutes after waking up and observing them, I tried moving them. They felt weird moving. It was kind of indescribable. Very few people would understand if I said it felt like I had spontaneously grown new extremities without them even being there for the first twenty-three years of my life, and then started being able to move around. It would be like a person that was blind her entire life suddenly being able to see one morning.

    Either way, so far they seemed to not be a burden. If I wore a long enough skirt, I could hide them on the street while I roll around in my wheelchair.