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    Tent 006

    I had noticed two things about my new extremities. First: not only were they fairly prudent, they were also growing. As in, quickly. To be more exact, within the next two days, they had doubled their size. Next, they seemed to only be growing at night. It seemed slightly less annoying than its potential counterpart. I don’t think I could have stood it if they had spontaneously grown in the middle of the day, out in the open. I was grateful that whatever god cursed me to be this way was that generous. But being able to hide two forty-centimeter “tentacles” or whatever I could have called them was growing to be a bigger challenge every day; I was quickly running out of skirts long enough to hide

    Here’s some food for thought: before the Growth, I had been able to sit straight up, and barely reach about eighty centimeters in height. I had, later that same week, been able to reach about one hundred and twenty centimeters, if I were able to stand on the tips of my leg-tentacle-things.

    But, within three days of that, something even weirder had happened.