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    Tent 007

    I woke up in the morning, and I looked at my two tentacles. At this point, I had basically called them tentacles; there wasn’t really a point in calling them anything else. They had reached a meter in length. If I could have stood on the tip of my tentacles, I would have been taller than most women, and even some men. I didn’t know if I should have been proud or even more scared.          That morning, I had discovered another large growth coming from my pelvis. I first felt it as a small bulge in my underwear. I was scared it was a penis; I would have been even more of a freak than I was now. Fortunately, I checked, and unfortunately, it was another growth, similar to my other two tentacles. It was about fifteen centimeters in length. I was anxious to see if it would grow to be the same length as the other two tentacles.

    It was also that day I had actually tried something new: standing and walking about on my longer two tentacles. At first it was kind of difficult (I may have fallen a few times) but I eventually got the hang of it.

    I then realized: if I could walk around and not have any problem like this in public life, I would be ridiculed, and called a freak. I came up with the idea that I shouldn’t leave the apartment. I thought it was a good one too, but now I would just say that I lacked foresight. I’ll come to why later.