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    Tent 008

    As I suspected (or feared?), all three of my tentacles continued to grow. My outer two began surpassing their one meter length, and after about four days after I discovered my third tentacle, my first two were about one hundred and forty centimeters long. My third tentacle also grew. On that same day, it had stopped fitting in my (mail-order) boxers. At that point, it was about half the length of my first two, and I found it was a fairly helpful third arm; I used it to grab things as a supplement to my arms.

    I can’t say I hadn’t gotten attached to my tentacles. I had called my outer two my “legs” (since that’s what I used them as) and I called my pelvic tentacle my “penis.”

    To tell the truth, I liked the notion of being able to move on my own, without having to rely on my wheelchair all the time. I felt freer, in a way.