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    Tent 012

    I realized that I had to be more of an active thinker, and use my tentacles to my advantage. For example, I was very proficient at doing household chores, such as cooking and cleaning. I could stand on two of my tentacles, and essentially have four hands to work with. I also had to think of practical disadvantages, and ways to cope. For example, I had no way of sitting on a stool, which was the kind of chair that dominated my kitchen. If I sat on one of them with four tentacles, I would simply slide off in whichever direction I focused my spine’s weight on. The solution: wrap my back tentacle on one of the legs of the stool, so that I don’t fall while sitting. I tried to work all the negative thoughts out of my head, and, for the most part, it worked. They wouldn’t help me at all with my homework, but, who needs legs to do that?