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    So, the first thing I did that day was go to a hospital, and I told them my problem. I met the doctor; He was fairly sympathetic to my condition, but was actually fairly harsh to the other doctors.

    He took some blood tests, and did a couple MRI scans of my stump. The evidence wasn’t supporting enough to call it cancer. Since he wasn’t surprised when I told him I lived off of the typical college kid diet (mostly TV dinners and oven-ready pizzas), he recommended me to a dietician, because he felt it might have just been fat from my poor diet.

    The diet she gave me was a standard low-saturated fat, low-cholesterol, high protein diet, then told me to check back in in about a month to see my progress.

    Mostly satisfied that I didn’t have cancer, I checked out with my prescription and let my insurance company worry about everything else.